Space: the final frontier. Vast and mysterious, yet sometimes not big enough for everyone. One day you're minding your own business, orbiting happily in your solar system, then bam, suddenly you have pesky invaders scurrying about your surface! 

They came for your mighty trees, your shiny ores and to kill your worshippers! It's just profit for them, for you however,  the very essence of life - literally your face, dammit! Well, they won't get away with it that easily - time to show them what "hostile environment" really means! 

Unleash devastating disasters and wipe them all out, but beware the cost of such destruction!

How to play. 

1. Use forces of nature to destroy the invaders. Summoning disasters costs some of your own life force.
2. Place the Temple to replenish energy with prayers of your faithful.
3. Eliminate all invaders to win! You lose if you your max life force reaches zero.

Click on spells to select and click on enemies to cast them.
Hold RMB and drag to pan the camera.
Use mouse scroll or W/S keys to zoom-in and zoom-out.
Use Q/E to rotate your view around the planet.


Download 32 MB


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Hi Krystian, my name is Shuoyang, currently working with Doublethink Games, a game publisher based in US and China. I'm reaching out to see if you are interested in working with publisher at this point? Would be great if we can discuss about the possibility of cooperation. My E-mail address is  Looking forward to your reply!

Hello, I'm a gaming youtuber with 275,000+ subscribers, I really like your games and I wanted to contact you about a possible business proposal! Can you contact me through twitter? @CookieGuyYT or discord at CookieGuy#0001

I wasn’t able to get past the third level, but I enjoyed the look and feel of what I was able to experience. The only issues I had were with not being able to tell how many enemies I needed to fend off on a given level and that the splash effect of the meteor was difficult to predict since the radius extended the circle indicator.

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Thanks for playing our game! :)
We'll try to  adress those issues in a post-jam update. We're going to work on a better feedback from everything that's going on on the map. Right now, it can be quite chaotic.

Thank You for Your input! It's really appreciated :).