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even though I usually don't enjoy such stressful types of games, the controls and small details are so intuitive that it's just really fun and FEELS rewarding when I stack items and carry multiple at once! One of my biggest gripes would be how difficult it can be to put everything on the table at once when handing them off to the buyer, like the nukes. Maybe it's by design, but a few times I'd have all three on the table and the buyer still didnt take it, which cost me quite a few seconds to try to make it stop glitching out.
Besides that and me wishing there were more time between days to organize the conglomerate of boxes in the shop, this was surprisingly fun!


this gets SO stressful is this what working at a restaurant thats severely understaffed is like?

i really love this game! the concept is cute and the gameplay is addicting. i would love to see it fully fleshed out, i think there is so much potential for this and i would buy it in a heartbeat. 

it's a shame the project seems inactive, but i added it to my steam wishlist anyway because i am very hopeful it gets picked back up one day! even in this state it's still so fun, seriously recommend and props to the devs <3 thank you for sharing!!

my best record so far is day 12, sold 336 pieces of junk for $33600 :)

It reminds me a lot of overcooked, awesome concept! Wish it was more polished but its super cute :D

Amazing game! managing the constantly cluttered workspace and trying to organize as fast as possible in the small break period really help make the game difficult, but also enjoyable to play. The dynamite mechanic had me saving those customers for last while trying to keep up with the growing demand of beams (which always seem to end up at the bottom of my pile) Overall a great experience, dev(s) should be proud.

very cute and fun!


I noticed that it becomes very fast after level 2 and can become very stressful, maybe an easy mode would be good. I do love the game though.  :]

so fun, I love it

Super fun game


so fun!


The game is so addicting and fun a bit stressful if you don't move fast 


who orders both a nuke, dynamite, and oil at the same time? look like they where trying to kill themselfs


nice game not gonna lie but my hand hurt so muchhhhh


thats a good game. for me.


very fun, only ever made it to day 11 tho


day 4 $4500 for 45 pieces of junk


day 6 104 pieces of junk $10400 made.


my arms hurt but im happy


Very nice, but when I try to put multiple things into a pile on the shop table, objects keep flying off at high velocity :(


very cool lever go brrrr

35 items sold, 3,5k  made. 4 days

overall good game, found it on randomizer


This game is wonderful! One thing that I'm begging you to change is that the escape key wiped all my progress with no warning. I was trying to pause the game and got sent back to the menu, that's no fun :(

day 15 from only flipping the lever


to laggy 4 me but mine pc is horrible

Amazing game, at first i thought it was gonna be like a game called tavern master. if there was a version of this that IS similar than i would definitely play that as well.


Brilliant concept, absolutely love this game. Played around 15 hours in a few days after finding this and will play more. 
To give so criticism, I don't like how RNG this game gets. All the customers might want an item I have zero of and after 5 lever pulls I get just one. In rounds past 10 things like that is a game over. Or how you can get 3 dynamite in one pull, when I can safely store just 2. All rounds come down to you lacking a specific item,  and you have to just spam the lever and reck the shop. Focus of the game for me is organizing and delivery hustle, not gambling with the lever. I not saying to just give me items I need, but a slight bias in RNG would be nice (if you don't have it already). 
But that just small drop in the addictive entertainment I've been getting. Really looking forward to new game modes and shop layouts (and sound settings ;_; ) in the full version. 

I would gladly buy it, if it had a price...

I absolutely agree with the RNG, it definitly should have a slight bias to sertain items. But so far a very fun, addictive and active game.

i have to put the screen size to 75% to fit the game

Totally in love with this, made it to round 16 after playing all night. Super excited for the full release!


its pretty fun but oh boy does it get stressful


Pretty fun and addicting game! You really end up with a shop full of junk haha

Pretty epic game

nice game

nice, got to round 6

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i cant get it to start


the comments say its good

Lovely concept, very addicting. However, I have found myself struggling to find a certain item despite mashing the lever. Can't wait to see what comes next in this game.


Very cool game, it would be cool if you could use your money in upgrades

agreed, whats the point of money?


Awesome game!

How did you get so far?I can only get to lv4 before I fail.

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Also is the full version only gonna be on steam? 

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