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You are the proud owner of the only pawn shop in a hundred miles in the middle of this wasteland, currently besieged by an army of customers eager to get their hands on your merchandise. And boy are you ready to meet their demands. 

With a single pull of a lever you can supply more than enough pieces of metal, rubber and explosives to satisfy their heart's desires and more. It's so simple! Listen closely to every little masked guy and put out the goods they order. Just don't take too long or they will get grumpy.

PS. The Resupply Machine seems to arm some of the explosives immediately after dispensing, so you'll have to figure something out. Try selling them quick maybe? Good luck!

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We recommend playing the standalone version for better performance and graphics!


Little Shop of Junk - Windows 35 MB
Original JAM Version 32 MB

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my arms hurt but im happy


Very nice, but when I try to put multiple things into a pile on the shop table, objects keep flying off at high velocity :(


very cool lever go brrrr

35 items sold, 3,5k  made. 4 days

overall good game, found it on randomizer


This game is wonderful! One thing that I'm begging you to change is that the escape key wiped all my progress with no warning. I was trying to pause the game and got sent back to the menu, that's no fun :(

day 15 from only flipping the lever


to laggy 4 me but mine pc is horrible

Amazing game, at first i thought it was gonna be like a game called tavern master. if there was a version of this that IS similar than i would definitely play that as well.

Brilliant concept, absolutely love this game. Played around 15 hours in a few days after finding this and will play more. 
To give so criticism, I don't like how RNG this game gets. All the customers might want an item I have zero of and after 5 lever pulls I get just one. In rounds past 10 things like that is a game over. Or how you can get 3 dynamite in one pull, when I can safely store just 2. All rounds come down to you lacking a specific item,  and you have to just spam the lever and reck the shop. Focus of the game for me is organizing and delivery hustle, not gambling with the lever. I not saying to just give me items I need, but a slight bias in RNG would be nice (if you don't have it already). 
But that just small drop in the addictive entertainment I've been getting. Really looking forward to new game modes and shop layouts (and sound settings ;_; ) in the full version. 

I would gladly buy it, if it had a price...

i have to put the screen size to 75% to fit the game

Totally in love with this, made it to round 16 after playing all night. Super excited for the full release!


its pretty fun but oh boy does it get stressful


Pretty fun and addicting game! You really end up with a shop full of junk haha

Pretty epic game

nice game
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i cant get it to start


the comments say its good

Lovely concept, very addicting. However, I have found myself struggling to find a certain item despite mashing the lever. Can't wait to see what comes next in this game.


Very cool game, it would be cool if you could use your money in upgrades

agreed, whats the point of money?


Awesome game!

How did you get so far?I can only get to lv4 before I fail.

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Also is the full version only gonna be on steam? 

does it have a mute button?

Not in the current build. Sound options will be available in the full version.
You can see more details about our plans on:

you can just right click on the tab and press mute, if that answers your question

This game is really fun. I mean it. I wanted to get around to play it sooner but always something was in my way. So here is my little video aswell to this game.

Hey Nakarama. Thanks for playing it! :) Great video. It was fun to watch You discover new mechanics and sing to rhythm of the music.
We're working on a more complete version of the game if You're interested - there's still some time till release tho:


im addicted to this game, so heres my thoughts: after reaching round 11. i hope we get new updates soon

1.well we earn money/gold everytime, if you ewrn gold we expect that we can buy something from it not just a score or somethng. a few upgrades will be nice, mybe expansion of the place, some cabinets, more safe box to put bombs or upgrade so we can put 2-3 bombs because sometimes when you pull the lever 2-3bombs will come out and 100% of the things you organized will scatter, some few upgrades to our characters like if we can hold or stack much higher we cn get an upgrade for that.

2.when you reach round 11 even if i give orders fast, the meter goes up faster, impossible to reach higher level. i don't know if im lacking something, tell me guys of u reach round11 and up.

3. sometimes,. the rubber/wheels items dont have enough for the orders even if you pull the lever many times.but i just figured, if you organize your stuff and pull many times it'll eventually spit out rubber or metal. i guess theyre a bit rare than the blue crates.

all in all, a very adicting game, ill follow and wait for the new updates! cheers! GOOD GAME!! THANKYOUU

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I agree with the other comments. It gets much too hard, much too fast. I spend half my time trying to organize my junk so that I can easily keep up with the orders, but while stacking boxes, I get orders upon orders for nukes and tires, which I get maybe once every other lever pull at best. This leaves me stumbling and stuck on iron bars and barrels. Meanwhile, the customers are all getting angry, and by the time I fulfill one complicated order, the other complicated orders are all filling the "angry customers" meter.

I would REALLY like the option to control when the shop is open, so that I can give myself a minute or two to give myself a walking path between waves of customers.

I saw you mentioned long ago the idea of adding a sandbox mode, which I think would be highly appreciated by many people.

EDIT: It'd be much less stressful if the customers had individual timers, which resulted in the customer walking away instead of ending your game. That may be easier to implement than a whole new mode?


how far u get tho? i got to round 4 b4 things got bad.


just found if u dont worry about clutter and you jump alot u can make it to level 9


It's a nice idea but maybe a bit too hard too fast. I can't keep up! Hmm, I've been to some restaurants like this, pizza that was missing half the ingredients and didn't have enough chefs to keep up. I wasn't impressed, if they can't keep up with demand, hire more staff! Ahem.


You should add robbers and make it so we can buy guns with our money and buy ammo and fend them off

is there a way to get rid of this stupid timelimit?

Not right now. There will be no time limit in upcoming update.

and the "upcoming update" is when? (i mean, i dont want wait one year to get this option... meanwhile im trying to hack that counter,so, dont haste) . .

bad just bad


Thank You for Your opinion. We're sorry You didn't like it.


Hi, dear dev, an option to disable timelimit is needed, you know what? when I play this game I really enjoy helping people, yes I don't think it's a store that about sale or money, I feel it's all about help and feeling, a emotion, a mood, happy, slow, no pressure, I can just left the game there then drink some coffee and then go back to continue to help people, or just stop move and just see screen just see it with noting to do, I don't care money I don't care level, what all I care is this feeling......

Your special graphics and animation and gameplay makes these feelings.

So I recommend to add this option, and more better is adding an function to open/close store to makes more freedom and more real feelings with no level ( I mean, when store closed I could still move in store and chose a time to open store again, not mean the screen turns to black, but mean real, freedom, seamless experience), and, we can thinking more things, like a special people say thanks to you after you help a special people many times (if you give that guy a name then when that first happens, believe me some players will be very surprise).

I love a game like above, simple, happy to help people, freedom, no pressure......

BTW, when I first played the game I didn't realize it's a store untill I noticed the money number, before that I thought it's a ...some service without money needed.

Of course maybe you need more levels more elements to make the game becoming more rich, but may you consider my suggestions, add some options to have possibility to trun on/off those gaming function.

Sorry for my English if there's somewords couldn't understand just let me know. And, I really love this game, awesome for me. :D

A text name will break screen so hide it or use color or some special appearances to mark those special guys who say thanks maybe will be better. :)


Hey, thanks for enjoying our game. We're testing some of those options already. You'll be able to open the shop whenever You want and there will be no time pressure other than just earning less money (we still want this to be a shop :P).  After each day You'll have time to rest and organize your shop. Giving the NPC's some personality sounds cool and we'll difenetly think about it :). Right now the team members are busy with their day-time job so everything slowed down but You can see some of the changes/additions on my twitter https://twitter.com/KrystianSlusarz  :)

Thanks and glad to hear that. I just saw your twitter and the images were really cool, but that big nose were some ugly to me....but, whatever, the game is becoming more and more great, many thanks for your team :)

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When will update 2 be coming? I cant wait for ways to use money!

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I would like it better if there was no timer but other people might but i mean its just stressful and annoying. i mean it just doesn't meet my expectations it would if there was no timer and if there is a downloadable version with no timer well its windows an i'm on Chromebook,Anyways back to my point i don't like the timer. or a sandbox mode that would be fun too, no timer, no customer (unless you put a setting where they can turn on customers), no stress, just fun.



We're considering changing the game a bit, where running out of  time doesn't mean end of the game - You'll just earn less money or recive worse rewards. We're also thinging about adding Sandbox/endless mode. We would love to hear from everyone witch gameplay elements you like the most or don't like at all. Information like that will really help us in creating the game :).


A must-have for the scrap lever: An option to focus on ONE item so that you can grab it when you need it. [And stop explosives from destroying the stacks you spent HOURS stacking]

Thank You for feedback. We're planning to redesign some of the gameplay elements so the player won't have to relay on luck.

You can put bomb into the green safe. It will prevent the explosion from messing up your stacks (camera shake is still there when it explodes but there's no shockwave) :)

Thank God for that safe... But yes, that anti-luck part MUST happen because otherwise new players might not entirely like getting everything set up just for it all to go away within the next day to get shredded by customer demands.


I  want leisure mode! I can play this all day!

That's an interesting idea ^^

Good game.


i created an account just to tell the devs this. JESUS CHRIST MY HEART IS GONNA EXPLODE IM SO HECKING STRESSED AGGGGGGHGHGHGHGHGHG (and make it multi player and it would be much more fun

'add exploding hearts'  noted!

thanks for playing our game ;D! We're considering adding local MP. Maybe in Update #3!  


Had a blast playing this! 

Hi! Thanks for playing our game. We're glad that You enjoyed it! :)


This is a really fun and cool game!

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