Little Shop of Junk - working on a full game!

Time to finally break the silence with a bit of good news. I’m happy to announce we are working on a full version of the game! While many details still need ironing out, take a peek at some of the things you can expect from us in the future:

  • Co-op play with a bit of rivalry sprinkled on top!
  • Big machines that allow you to invent funny item combinations, radioactive smoothies and fashionable gas masks.
  • Purchasable furniture and decorations to make the shop your own. Plan the best layout for keeping things organized, or just stick conveyor belts everywhere and go for the speed build!
  • Leisure mode with no time limit for players who just want to tend the store and stack boxes in peace.

Head to our Steam page for more info and to check out the trailer. Make sure to add us to your wishlist if you liked the original game!

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