Little Shop of Junk - Update #1

Hi there, we’re the developers of Little Shop of Junk. 

The game was originally made in 72 hours during the LDJAM42. Some people enjoyed it and we promised to work on a post-jam version for a bit.

This release is the first of several updates we have planned for the game. It’s not big on features, but we felt we needed to streamline things a bit before adding new stuff in.

The main focus was on fixing whatever didn’t work so well in the jam version while also figuring out what kind of a game we’d like this to become. We have something to share on both of those points, so without further ado, here’s the changelog.

Cool stuff

  • Item Stacking - Carry more
    Items stacked on top of each other can now be picked up and carried around together.
  • Sale Days - New game mechanic
    Choose an item to go on sale every few days. Discounted things pop up in orders a lot more. Try this with dynamite for extra pressure!
  • The Big Safe - Blast-proof storage
    Keep stuff safe inside(and sometimes outside too).
  • Reworked Shop Layout - Bigger and better
    Added more room and some furniture, you can try to keep things nice and tidy before eventually flooding the world with items.

Bugfixes and misc. changes

  • Fixed the stupid difficulty spike around day 5.
  • Multiple physics and item placement-related fixes. Still more to come!
  • Orders with more than one item are now displayed in a single bubble.
  • Replaced lever model(this is super important).

Coming up next

The theme for Update 2 will be money. The game is missing ways to spend the cash earned by running the store, and we’d like to change that.

Here are some things you can expect sometime soon(ish):

  • Buy shop upgrades.
  • Unlock new items to sell. Some of them may even blow up occasionally.
  • Better scoring system that rewards good play with more money to fund points 1 and 2.

If you like the game, feel free to check our facebook page for more updates:


Little Shop of Junk - Windows 35 MB
Nov 12, 2018
Little Shop of Junk Play in browser
Nov 12, 2018

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great game

then, the game would ask for some helpers that could be hired in the store, these helpers would have a limit of rounds that they would help, the more expensive the helpers the more rounds it he will stay

I hope you can find more motivation and time to work on the next update, because this game is awesome! 

please update please please please i realy want new things in game i realy enjoy te game

Hey Stipe656

Thanks for playing and enjoying our game!  We're creating this game in our free time so it's going a bit slow.
We've also hit some creative walls that lowered our motivation, but we didn't give up yet! Comments like that definitely inspire us to continue working on it! Update #2 is in progress :)