Important notice: We strongly recommend playing the downloadable build for better graphics and performance. 

Topdown shooter with robots, funky physics and ridiculous powerups. 

  • WASD to move
  • Space to dash around
  • Left click to shoot(you need to have a gun equipped though)

All the other robots really want to break you to pieces. Although you start with nothing but a set of wheels, that might be just enough to set you on a path to become the most OP scrapyard pusher they have ever seen, at least around this small platform halfway submerged in lava.

If you manage to grab the first gun and some ammo you might as well go all the way to the 'triple shot rapid fire piercing yoyo stop they are already dead plus super knockback' build. 

Make sure to brag to us if you manage to break the game with too many bullets. Have fun!


ScrapTime 0.1.1 51 MB
ScrapTime - Original Jam Version 38 MB

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Hello, would be interesting for you to publish the game also on ?